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We’ve been passionate about wine since 2008. It’s time to share our passion with you

We want to discover exciting, exceptional, and new wines for you. We organise everything by category to make it easier to find something you like. All our wines are handpicked and tasted by our friendly team. That means you can trust that you will love the wine you buy as much as we do.

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Our history.

We started life as the Wine Shop in The Old Bridge in Huntingdon. There, we gained a reputation as a top destination for wine – and wine lovers. The shop pioneered the idea that a beautifully curated collection of wines that were designed to buy and take home, could sit alongside a restaurant.

But it went further. The team behind the shop, [led by Master of Wine John Hoskins,] wanted to seek out wines that you couldn’t easily find anywhere else. They also wanted to ensure as many people as possible could share their joy of wine, by offering exceptionally good value. By curating bottles by style of wine rather than grape or country more people were persuaded to discover new top-notch wines produced by some of the world’s best winemakers.

Our team have been tasting wines, packing cases for customers, putting on events to
showcase new regions and food pairings, and sharing their passion ever since.

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Meet the team

We believe there is a wine for everyone – and we can’t wait to help you find yours.

Jake Smith

The Old Bridge

Meet Jake
Jake was The Old Bridge restaurant manager before he ran pubs in London. He was tempted back to run the Wine Shop (later the Bottle Shop) in 2022.

What do you love about wine?
“Wine is always intriguing. You never stop learning about it.”

Jack Baldock

The Old Bridge

Meet Jack
Jack arrived at The Bottle Shop after a short stint in data forensics and after training
as a chef.

What’s the best thing about The Bottle Shop?
“We taste every wine that comes into the shop. We don’t want to bring in wines you can get in supermarkets. We try and be unique.”

Liz Pendered

The Old Bridge

Meet Liz
Liz wears many hats. She has been with The Bottle Shop for 12 years – and was a customer before she joined the team.

What keeps people coming back to The Bottle Shop?
“If it’s on the shelf, it is because it is a decent bottle of wine.”

Peter Foran

The Old Bridge

Meet Peter
Peter was in the RAF. After retirement, and with a house in Burgundy and a passion for wine, he joined The Bottle Shop. He’s travelled the world to learn about and taste wine.

Why do you love about our job?
“Meeting people and talking about wine. You can see them become enthusiastic as you tell them things.”

Chelsea Selkirk

The Old Bridge

Meet Chelsea
She’s the newest recruit, but Chelsea has managed wine bars and worked in an English Vineyard in Shropshire. She loves that there is so much to learn about wine.

What wine would you recommend people try?
“My focus previously has been on organic and sustainably sourced wine – there are lots in our shop that are not obviously labelled by the maker. We are organised for discovery, so come and try.”

Let us help you find your perfect wine

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a single bottle for a gift, a case of six wines for a special occasion, or you just want to try something different – our team is here to help you. Browse online or call us if you want some help, or to book a tasting.

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Discover where it all began – in an impressive 18th century townhouse on the banks of the River Great Ouse, Huntingdon

This really is the home of good wine. The Bottle Shop started life at The Old Bridge, where it gained a reputation for wine excellence. It’s the perfect place to try something new, return to an old favourite, or buy a wine to share with friends.

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Explore our newest addition – a North Norfolk gem, opening later this summer

The Maltings is tucked away in the heart of Weybourne. It is close to the sea, and in
touching distance of some of the county’s finest countryside. The Maltings Bottle Shop is an
oasis of calm. The perfect place to browse the shelves of wine.

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